The Indian Railways Travel Guide for First-Time Travelers

In case you are reading this article, you must have made the mind up to travel by train. Don’t think twice. The Indian Railways is amazing! Trotting through India, covering over 60,000 kilometers’s, these wonderful trains are going to give you memories, and lessons absolute delight.

You may be put by figuring out things to anticipate in the journey and how a system works . With this particular article, I'll attempt to ease the majority of your doubts. Hopefully, when you are done reading so, you may have a reasonable idea of what to anticipate in the Indian Railways and what things to do in.

Here is an all-inclusive guide to help you from booking your ticket to staying safe and comfortable!

Reserving the Ticket

Reserve Indian railway ticket
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Booking tickets are now considerably easier, now which you can book tickets online.

For E-Ticket reservation, you'll have to register on the Indian Railways site first.
Once you have an account and have booked a ticket on the required train, all you have to do is take a print-out and carry it with you on the day of departure. Easy peasy, isn’t it? The only catch is that one may create a maximum of four bookings a month, and each ticket can book six passengers at most.
Visit FAST-TICKET BOOKING for a pictorial guide on how to browse your way through electronic booking. After that you could assess train reservation status with pnr status

You could also reserve an I-ticket via the same website. It is couriered to your own spot, although here you reserve the ticket online. To get a pictorial guide on how best to browse the right path through booking an I-ticket, visit I-Ticket Guide.

Should you not need to avail these services, you can book a ticket for yourself. You might get this done on any raierlway station in the nation. The ticket counters are usually open from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and until lunchtime on weekends. When the train is about to depart, you may also obtain a ticket yourself, if it is a busy train, but you might not get a seat.

In the event that you need to cancel your ticket, you should check whether the graph has been prepared for your train or not. You can just cancel your booking when the chart hasn’t been prepared, by paying anything between Rs.60/- and Rs.240/-, determined by the class you had booked your seat in. In case the chart continues to be prepared already, you CAn't cancel your booking. You'll not be entitled to any refund either.

Picking the Type

Indian railways groups wiki
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The Second Class General Compartment is the lowest priced method to travel, if you want my opinion as well as the most adventuresome. Picture coming back by means of your seat and getting up to use the toilet occupied by another person. Yep, that is certainly the way that it's going to be like in this Group.

Travelling in the Next Sleeper Class is going to be the most feasible alternative in the event you are a budget traveller. It really is structured in a fashion that three berths each face each other. There are just two berths privately. You'll be able to enter your preference that is berth while reserving your ticket. The Side Berths may prove to be a bit uncomfortable for sleeping, so choose accordingly in the event that you are not short.

The AC 3-Tier Sleeper and also the AC 2-Tier Sleeper are more expensive and comfy than the Second Sleeper Class. The First AC is top-notch and the most lavish.

On the Day of Departure

On the Day of Departure
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I'd advocate one to reach the railway station at least 40 minutes prior to the departure time. Haggle having a coolie and have him do it, or likely you'll need to take your baggage all the approach to the station. Find your compartment you'll also need certainly to inspect the graph and set your suitcase. All this is time-consuming, chaotic, and high -intensity. You won't want to get this done in a hurry.

Do not forget to hold your ticket along along with you. Take two copies to be safe. Additionally carry a valid ID proof with you. These are musts, and you don’t want to forget to take these along !


Indian railways TTE
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The Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) checks your ticket. You'll usually see him in a dark blazer that is coloured, with notepads and clipboards in his hands.

He's the guy for all your queries. He'll help you in case you have to be aware of the timings of the train. He could be additionally the guy you have to contact in the event you intend to change your compartment update or / berth your category. You may even contact him in the instance of of any medical emergency.

Managing your Baggage

luggage in Indian railways
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You might need to take your bags through quite a few staircases to attain your stage, that will prove to be rather tiresome. In a situation like this, or perhaps otherwise, you might want to engage the services of a coolie for yourself.

Coolies are often identifiable; these are men dressed in red and white, waiting on a lookout for prospective customers outside the railway station. Whatever price they quote to you will be unreasonable. There's always scope for negotiating and haggling.

They can be basically there to help you take your bags but you can also utilise their services in assisting you to correct your bag in your compartment.

Once within your compartment, possess the luggage placed beneath the berths in the space. This is very time-consuming and utmost co-operation will be needed by you from your own fellow passengers. There are opportunities that your bags will undoubtedly be piled in a way they will be rendered inaccessible, so always keep a small handbag/ purse with you with all your essentials.

You will be provided with clean sheets, blankets and towels by the Railroad Tracks don’t fret about that. However, I do recommend one to carry a spare hand-towel for yourself, just in case.


food in Indian railway
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While some trains offer food, most don’t. You can either rely on the stores and eateries on the railway station or the sellers on the station in case yours doesn’t.

Many eateries now deliver food right to your seat, which means you do sit in the restaurant to eat and n’t need certainly to depart the train. This saves you in the chance of missing your train and in addition makes things more convenient. Besides that, you may purchase food from the sellers on the station, but be specific concerning the caliber and hygiene of your purchase.

All said and done, don’t forget to carry some noshing that was solid alongside you. Ensure that the bites are storable, because if they go stale, you are going to have a hard time managing it. You'd also desire the bites to not be wet.


Most coaches in the train will be equipped with four bathrooms, two of that will be Indian in Western that is style along with the other two. Ordinarily, the Indian ones will be cleaner. Rather carry your own toilet paper and soap though the train comes with essentials.

Outside the bathrooms, you would have a washbasin installed. You can use this bowl bathe your face when the toilets are crowded and to brush your teeth.

Some Additional Hints

Always, always, irrespective of what class you're travelling in, lock your luggage with a padlock. Take good care of your things. Don’t let your matters out of sight, not your slippers
Keep your ticket and ID proof with you throughout the journey
Do not let the coolies extort from you
Undoubtedly carry a small handbag/purse which has essentials and will not require much space
Bring along a superb novel or the like to keep yourself occupied
Take light lunching for yourself
Loud snorers are hardly unusual, so carry earplugs or earphones for sound sleep
Keep a hand sanitizer easy
Don’t expect the train to get to the destination
Have an excellent time and make lots of memories!

Have a comfortable and safe journey!

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Indian Railways: Ticket cancellation possible via SMS, telephones on 139; Suresh Prabhu flags off at

pnr status my ticket
indian railways pnr status rs
pnr status update for indian railways

With the Indian Railways rolling out yet another user friendly feature, passengers are now able to cancel affirmed train tickets reserved at counters through phone call or SMS and claim refund for precisely the same.
By: PTI Updated: April 29, 2016 5:12 PM
8 6 G 8 0
Together with another user friendly feature being rolled out by the Indian Railways, passengers can now cancel confirmed train tickets reserved through SMS or phone call at counters and claim refund for exactly the same. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu established the two facilities today within his ministry’s attempt to enhance the portfolio of passenger comforts.
There is yet another facility that would be mainly welcomed by Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and foreign travelers, as they're able to book train tickets on Indian Railways with any international credit and debit card. As of now, only American Express international credit cards are taken at Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)’s portal.
For cancellation of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter tickets, passengers need to dial 139 and select option 6 from the main menu of Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR). They are going to then get a one-time password (OTP). On validation of the OTP, cancellation will undoubtedly be processed. They must get to the counter to get their refund.
Cancellation of tickets and refund of fare will probably be permitted not and only on fully confirmed PRS counter tickets in case of late running of trains or cancellation of trains.
While refund of the sum could be gathered just at the journey on-Line cancellation or cancellation through 139 will soon be permitted only up to four hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train -commencing station on nearby satellite PRS locations defined by Zonal Railways.
By sending PNR number and train number to 139 passengers can also cancel supported tickets through SMS. User will get an OTP number, which must be input into for tickets that are cancelling.
Refund may be claimed during the initial two hours of the opening of the PRS counters on another day for the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is between 1801 hrs and 0600 hrs. For trains whose scheduled departure time is is between 0601 hrs and 1800 hrs, refund can be claimed up to four hours subsequent to the scheduled departure of the train through the working hours of the PRS counters where cancellation is enabled round the clock.
This facility will probably be accessible only to those passengers who've furnished their cellular telephone numbers at that period of booking the ticket. Additionally, no refund could be given after the expiry of the stipulated time limit.
IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Dr. A. K. Manocha said such a facility would extremely help passengers in cancelling their confirmed tickets and getting refund.
There are times when passengers find it too difficult cancel their tickets and to reach counters within the stipulated time. Cancellation is a phone call away and passengers do for doing so, n’t have to race against time,” he added.
IRCTC will introduce a brand new page on its site ( without any login for cancellation of counter tickets. They should enter PNR number and train number on the web site alongside captcha code. An OTP will soon be sent to the passenger on his mobile number for cancellation. Refund amount may also be exhibited to the passenger on the site.
As for booking of railway tickets by international travellers, IRCTC will now accept any international credit or debit card through payment gateway given by Atom Technologies.
“Any credit or debit card issued outside India will likely be allowed for ticket. At present, only American Express international credit cards are accepted at the IRCTC portal site,” Dr. Manocha said.
“This facility will help 3.56 lakh registered international users and NRIs who want to book tickets for themselves or for their family members in India,” he pointed out.
This facility will not be appropriate to Tatkal and premium train tickets. Additionally, booking through international cards will probably be around at least two days in advance of the journey date.

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